Client name

Goji Fitness llc

Project Brief

Server maintenance and support, retool analytics and security, speed, optimization and third party plugin integration for 2 wordpress installations.

Project Date


“Suzanne Fava and Idea Tek Designs have been a much-needed lifeline for this busy entrepreneur.  I wear many hats running these businesses but “computer tech” is not one of them. 

Suzanne redesigned our two websites, cleaning them up and streamlining the check-out process making them more user-friendly. 

Idea Tek Design is so professional, trust-worthy, secure and knowledgeable that I can focus on other aspects of the business and leave much of the tech to them.  I’ve worked with Suzanne for over a year and besides being such a nice and easy to work with, her attention to detail, initiative, speed and quality of her work are outstanding.  She’s put out a few fires for us over the year (sometimes late at night), saving us much time, stress and money.  Anyone running a company knows how invaluable it is to have someone you trust handling sensitive accounts, sites and apps so Idea Tek Design is worth every penny, in my experience. 

I’ve worked with several professionals in this field since our company launched in 2012 and none have impressed me as much as Suzanne and Idea Tek Design.”

— Shane Moran, Co-Owner Goji Fitness llc

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Zenberry Mix is a brand that is just starting out and finding its roots. Planning social strategies to streamlining checkout. All while keeping Shane updated and up to speed on all site backend functions with clear instruction.

Goji Fitness had an online video growth boom during covid. Great problem to have if your website and process can handle it. With a reevaluation of process, some new tools, Emma become more time and cost efficient.