Site Evaluation Report

If you have website issues, tried to figure it out, just to throw your hands up and say “I give up“- This is the place to start!

Sites can have a myriad of issues and typically it is not just one. Often it is outdated software or hardware. Sometimes it is you host server not configured properly for your needs.

Your sight might be really slow, or not responding, or giving you a database error. A misconfiguration anywhere, even a rouge space can cause a site not to load properly.

Ideatek Design will dive deep and find out all the details of what is going on with your website and report back. Providing a detailed report of findings can have you reviewing and prioritizing next steps when a site is not behaving.

The report will include recommended next steps that you can do yourself, have us teach you how to do it or have us do it for you. We will gladly walk you through the final report in a second zoom call at the end.

Don’t give up

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