About Ideatek Design

As Unique as You

I like to get to know my customers and understand their business and web needs at a granular level. Uncovering the unknowns and planning the best way forward for each customer is a very unique task. What makes me unique is I take the time to educate clients and give them the why and hows of it all. Empowering them with the knowledge and tools for success. It gives me great pride to help clients gain confidence and the power to update their own site. Weather it is on a builder platform like shopify, wix or a self hosted site like WordPress, Drupal or Laravel. All my clients rely on Ideatek Design as their go to web person. Acting as their webmaster, technology liaison, project manager or support consultant, they know me as a reliable honest straight forward person. If I can’t do it, I will find someone that can.

Why a WordPress Focus?

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) website tool around.

Its large market share is due to the fact that is a low cost, easily accessible option that many can learn to do them selves.

It also is a highly customizable platform that is open source and very powerful for all kinds of web applications. Unfortunately some designers leave you holding the maintenance bag once the site is up. Sometimes the backend gets forgotten about, and left in a state of insecurity with no updates for years. This can put the site at risk. The good news is it is still easy to learn and update your skill set to include these common update tasks or hire someone to ensure your site stays current and protected from bad actors.

Graduate from WP Pain to Easy

Installed WordPress and got frustrated setting it up? Want help with an older WordPress installation, wrapping your head around all the updates and changes since you installed it? Not sure how to manage or update but want to learn? 

Want a DIY website but don’t know where to start?

There are so many choices out there. How do you evaluate them? Helping to evaluate the choices, coaching and guiding you to the right solution for you with strategy sessions.

Tired of keeping track of updates?

Tired of wasting your time with updates and server issues? You need a WordPress site manager. Hire me as your go to person for all your WP server upkeep needs.

Let’s discuss support.

Ideatek Design Works With Small Businesses, Startups, Artists, Individuals, Organizations and Associations. Specializing in bridging the creative to technology gap.

I love connecting all your technology dots, making your process easier and saving you time and money when dealing with all options available. I work in all phases of website implementation; URL name selection, web hosting and maintenance; overall style, UI/UX design, back-end data management, from simple to full content management sites, focus on WordPress. E-commerce & Newsletter integration with existing sites, custom WordPress plug-ins, staff education and everything in between.

  • Strategy Sessions
  • Advisory Retainers
  • Content posting retainers
  • Support Retainers
  • Web Site Analytics and Reporting
  • Security Evaluations
  • Site content Evaluations
  • WordPress/Website User Training
  • Domain name registration
  • Social connections & cross posting Support
  • Site Backups & hosting
  • Staging/testing sites
  • Project management
  • Graphic Design, Branding/Logo design, Color theory
  • Creative ideas and solutions
  • Marketing materials design & production
  • Design for trade shows, booths & promotional items
  • Printed Banners and Signs
  • E-commerce site experience
  • Marketing campaigns and Evaluation/Testing
  • Web site redesigns/rebuilds
  • Responsive site designs
  • Evaluating and consulting on UI/UX

Ideatek Design is Suzanne Fava, with a visual arts and communications degree and a diverse skill set and experiences. Contact me for more information by using the form in the menu.