Ideatek Design will make a unique custom design solution for your needs. Working in collaboration on large projects and small, from agencies to start-ups.


Services included:

Graphic Design, including Logo and Branding

User interface design and consulting

Web Hosting

Web Design & Development

Custom WordPress templates & plugins

WordPress consulting

E-commerce and membership Site Web Development

Design and marketing consulting

Print Production




All phases of site implementation; URL name selection, web hosting and maintenance; overall style, UI/UX design, back-end data management, from simple to full content management sites, focus on WordPress. E-commerce & Newsletter integration with existing sites, custom WordPress plug-ins, staff education and everything in between.

  • Peace Has No Borders: A documentary film site redesign and hosting. Along with client tutorials this site is ready for the films debut.
  • Thomas Equities and Affiliates:  A complete site redesign including logo and letterhead for client.
  • Portofino Sun Centers NYC: Assisted client in updating their website and corrected major issues after a previous a site update went horribly wrong.
  • – Start to finish web hosting, design and production using a WordPress child theme.
  • Alignment Whole Health – Site development, design and hosting using a WordPress child theme and customized to include client needs for social re-posting, seo and newsletter signups. Coached client on site use and updating using WordPress.
  • Blue Ocean Books – Designed the Logo and produced a new retail book store site, built with wordpress child theme based on an existing book store theme, added several custom settings and style adjustments for mobile viewing//usability.
  • Berkshire Bar Association – New Membership Site; Web Design and Development. A whole new user experience utilizing Wordpress, with a Newsletter and eCommerce integrations. Created a client friendly site administration area and site training for Bar Officers on member updates, posts and newsletters.
  • SunBurst Books inc. – New site layout and style (face lift) applied to alleviate UI/UX issues of the past design. Worked with another independent contractor to coordinate clients code and database needs. Site is currently using a cold fusion base that has expired it’s life span, we pumped a bit of new life into it, until a new site is built.
  • Business Innovation Group – Fast WordPress site, from provided design, transformed in to working website in 4 weeks. Still tweaking as needed.
  • – WordPress theme customization and client training.
  • Habitat Renewal– full WordPress site design, hosting and user training on updating content.
  • Newport-O’Connor Executive Coaching– full WordPress site design, hosting and user training on updating content.
  • Dawn Drake – full WordPress site design, with music player and user training on updating content.
  • Xavier Mission – full WordPress site design and child theme customization, also hosted and maintained by Ideatek Design.
  • Chocolate in Chelsea – e-com added on to existing site and give support when needed.
  • Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy: – Logo Design, WordPress site and hosting. Found and secured domain name.
  • DJ Shakey – WordPress site support, creative fixes, plug-ins and hosting.
  • Nancy Fava – Updated a Creative Director portfolio site using WordPress as the cms for easy updating and limiting access to portfolio.
  • Southern Vermont Garlic Festival – Design and host, a simple html site is still updated and hosted by Ideatek since creation in 2001.